Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All of our trolleys are made in house using only the finest materials and are delivered direct from the factory.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

At Ease E Load, we supply and deliver a wide range of high quality British manufactured office trolleys at the most competitive prices.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Did you know our trolleys are made in the UK?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hand Trucks are Useful in the Workplace

When you are making a move, whether it is to a new home or office, if you are planning on doing the job on your own, renting hand trucks and dollies is the best option to get the job done quickly, and without injuring yourself. Due to the fact that many of these hand trucks can carry extremely heavy items (some up to 500 pounds), you will find that the work is going to be cut in half, and you are going to avoid the possibility of injuries or damage to your belongings, when you choose to use these tools for the move.

In order to find the hand trucks and dollies you are going to need for the move, considering renting them from a local moving company is an option to consider. You will find that wherever you choose to rent the moving truck from, they are also going to offer packing and moving supplies, and they are likely to lease out these trucks and dollies in order to make the move easier for their clients. When making the move, you are going to want to consider the amount of time, what you are moving, and how many larger items you have to move with the hand trucks, in order to ensure you rent them for a sufficient period of time, without over paying for them. Additionally, when renting the hand trucks knowing what you will place on them (and how much weight you will be transporting), is also going to allow you to choose the right trucks for the move.

Whether it is moving office furniture to a new office space, or whether you have larger items you are moving to a new home, the use of the hand trucks, dollies, and any other tools which are specifically designed to carry and transport the larger and heavier items are things you should consider using when making the move. They will make the move simple, quick, will help in avoiding damage to your belongings, and best of all, will ensure no injuries are going to occur during the move that is being made. So, whether it is a large desk and office chairs, or whether you have a large grandfather clock or piano being moved to a new home, the use of hand trucks and dollies are going to make things much simpler when you are making the move to a new destination.

Rather than pay a high cost for a moving company to do the work for you, one option to consider is renting the proper equipment and doing the job yourself when making a move. So long as industrial strength and grade
hand trucks and dollies are rented when making the move, you can be rest assured they can handle any goods you are moving. So, when you are ready to make the move, knowing where to rent, what to rent, and how long you need the equipment, is going to ensure the quick, safe, and efficient move you are hoping for.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

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