Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sack Trucks Help Efficiency In Your Job

Sack trucks, also known as ‘hand trucks,’ are mechanical trolleys that are typically used in construction and industry for carrying large, heavy objects that are otherwise very difficult to move; such as furniture or heavy sacks of cement for instance. They need to be lightweight yet sturdy in design so that they are easily portable and manageable, but can also bear very heavy weights. Some Sack Trucks can fold down in to a collapsed form to make them convenient for storage. A Sack Truck is an L-shaped cart with handles at one end, wheels at the bottom, along with a small ledge to rest the objects on. Therefore the objects need to be allowed to tilt back and bear the weight onto the back of the ledge, over the wheels. Consequently, this makes objects that are previously large and heavy or just awkward to carry easier to move.
There are a wide variety of designs for Sack Trucks, each tailored to the slightly different needs of different tasks at hand. For example, someone who needed a sack truck for moving concrete slabs around a construction site would need a different design to someone who needs a sack truck to transport heavy furniture up stairs. There are a vast variety of Sack Trucks, which include Appliance Hand Trucks, Convertible Trucks, Drum Trucks, Dual Handle Trucks, Keg Trucks, Lawn & Garden, Pin Handle Trucks, Platform Carts, and Stock Carts.
There are Sack Truck manufacturers in the UK who supply to the demands of individuals and businesses. The trolleys can be ordered from a selection or even purpose built to the specific client’s specification. Orders can be made online, including a small shipping fee. Indeed, in order keep the shipping fee remaining competitive, sack truck designs are made to be as portable as possible. 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Trolleys Can Help Your Health

Many of us fairly regularly spend time pushing a heavy trolley around, usually at the supermarket. Trolleys which are poorly designed can be very difficult to manoeuvre, and people are finding that whilst pushing them around, they are straining their backs and knees. Research has been carried out which has proven trolleys to be a definite cause of back and joint problems.
It is not only supermarket trolleys which cause problems for people, but trolleys used in warehouse, industrial sites, shops, garden centres  and many other places. Many of the problems caused and aggravated by manoeuvring heavy trolleys can be eliminated by ensuring you are using the correct type of trolley for the job in hand. It is easy to get into a habit of using just one or two basic types of trolleys for jobs which those particular trolleys are not suitable for.
There are many different types of trolleys specially designed for particular uses, including Newspaper trolleys, sack trucks, light duty trolleys, stair climber trolleys, post room trolleys, coffin trolleys, platform trucks, tray trolleys, board trolleys, garden centre trolleys, drum and container trolleys and two way hand trucks.
Each of these particular trolleys is designed to be used in certain situations. For instance, a sack truck is used to manoeuvre heavy objects by levering them off the ground using the trolley foot, and transporting them, pivoting on the two wheels. Platform trucks have a flat base and four solid wheels; they are very stable and are used in transporting many different objects. Stair climber trolleys are designed with a special three wheel mechanism which enables the trolley to roll up stairs with very little hassle.
So essentially a lot of the back and knee troubles which are caused by trolleys, can be greatly reduced if we ensure we are using the correct trolley for the job in hand.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What Are Platform Trucks Used For

  As any doctor could tell you, lifting and carrying heavy objects can be potentially harmful to the human body and may result in long-term back and muscle problems. However, there are a range of trolleys and trucks available which allow the user to transport heavy items between locations with little effort. Platform Trucks in particular would be a worthwhile investment for any firm whose workforce operates in stockrooms, warehouses or any other location where it is likely that heavy objects would need to be transported swiftly and easily, such as building sites and garden centres.

  Platform Trucks typically are made up of a platform made from Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF), usually 1.0 by 0.7 metres in size and raised upon solid rubber tyres and connected to a removable, easy to bolt on tubular metal push handle. They are also available with metal mesh sides which prevent the items on the truck from falling off. These trucks can carry total loads ranging from 150-500kg in one go, considerably more than if a worker was carrying them manually. 

 These trucks come in a range of styles to meet any required purpose. For example, a Balance Wheel Platform Truck can be turned around within its own length (1 metre), making it ideal for use in confined areas such as between the aisles of a warehouse or stockroom. Also, many of these trucks can be delivered in flat-pack form, allowing in easy transportation, and they are easy to assemble.

 These trucks don’t have to be used solely by workers in stockrooms and warehouses. Certain models of Platform Truck, such as the simple Crate Trolley with baseboard, may be beneficially used by customers in hardware stores or similar shops where heavy items (such as paint) may require transportation from the shelf to the till to their car.