Thursday, 27 January 2011

What Are Sack Trucks?

A sack truck is essentially an upright trolley frame which is used for transporting objects. It has long handles, and a small ledge base, and two wheels. When an item is placed on the sack truck, the handles are used to manoeuvre the truck so it is pivoting on these two wheels. This makes heavy and cumbersome objects a lot easier to manoeuvre and lift off the ground. It is sort of a basic form of a lever mechanism.
Sack trucks are always designed to be very strong and hard wearing which makes them suitable for carrying heavy and bulky goods. They are usually made from steel or aluminium with strong rubber tyres.
There are different types of sack trucks including the basic sack truck, the folding foot sack truck and the stair climber sack truck.
The folding foot sack truck has a base which can be folded away making storage much easier and more economic. This also makes transporting the sack trucks easier. The folding foot can then be locked back into position again for use.
The stair climber sack truck has a mechanism which enables it to be moved up and down steps. It has a rotating axle onto which is attached three wheels on each side. This unique design allows the stair climber sack truck to glide easily over stairs, making what could be an impossible job, a relatively easy one.
Sack trucks are commonly used in garden centres, building grounds, garages, warehouses, industrial estates, factories, large shops, schools, removal companies, homes and many more places. They are basically useful anywhere which might require some heavy lifting.
Sack are very cost effective and well worth the money. Your sack truck is an investment which will last you a good many years and make many physical jobs a lot easier.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Platform trucks

Platform trucks have a large flat surface and are used for transporting many different items. Packaged items and crates are easily moved using platform trucks. They are often used to carry large bulky items such as are sold in building supply stores and even flat pack furniture stores. Planks of wood, doors, bricks, paving slabs, bags of cement, plumbing supplies and more are all easy to transport on a platform truck. They are especially useful in carrying heavy items such as televisions washing machines and other electrical appliances.
You often see platform trucks in Garden centres, warehouses, factories and large shops. They are popular for use in these places as they are Sturdy, reliable, and manoeuvrable. Some of the trucks are designed with balance wheels. These allow a lot of freedom of movement, as the truck is able to fully rotate in a space no smaller than its own length, making them very useful for transporting goods in tight spaces and small areas.
Different types of platform trucks include a basic platform truck suitable for many uses, a balance wheel platform truck with full mesh sides, ideal for manoeuvring goods in difficult spaces (The mesh is perfect for ensuring that goods do not fall off the trolley), A crate trolley with a baseboard and a pulling handle with a swivel mechanism and a platform truck with half mesh sides.
Most platform trucks are built with an MDF platform, strong and durable enough to hold most heavy goods, long lasting solid rubber tyres, a sturdy steel frame with optional mesh sides and a pushing handle which is sometimes movable. These features combine to make a high quality, practical truck suitable for a great many uses.
Once have purchased a good quality platform truck, it will last you a great many years, and be very useful for a number of purposes.
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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Easy Load Trolleys

There are many types of trolleys available, for different uses. Newspaper trolleys, folding foot sack trucks, chair carrying trolleys, a stair climber trolley, various post room equipment, light duty trolleys, platform trucks, tray trolleys, two way hand trucks, board trolleys, garden centre trolleys, drum and container trolleys and coffin trolleys.
The stair climber trolley incorporates a free-running pyramid wheel assembly which allows ease of use when mounting kerbs or climbing stairs. Folding foot sack trucks are designed to carry heavy sacks of goods, whilst the chair carrying trolley transports stacks of chairs.  Platform trucks are essentially a flat board on wheels which are extremely useful in transporting flat-packed goods. Some platform trucks have mesh sides, and the balance wheel design is particularly suited for use in confined areas as it can be turned around within its own length. Tray trolleys are ideal for use in offices, canteens, factories and warehouses, and they are designed with easy to clean, fixed trays. The two way hand truck can be used both ways as a flat bed trolley or as a hand truck.  Drum and container trolleys are distribution container carriers. The user is able to open and close the hinged lid of the container whilst it is in place. These trolleys are specially designed for use with the distribution containers.
It is essential to make sure the trolley you are buying is designed for the purpose you intend to use it for, and that it is made of good quality materials. It is sometimes possible to order a trolley of your own particular design via a company offering bespoke trolley design services.  Ease-e-Load is such a company and have won several awards for innovative design, superb quality and excellent reliability.  They also supply and deliver a wide range of high quality British manufactured trolleys at the most competitive prices.