Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sack trucks are very cost effective and an investment that will last you a good many years and make several physical jobs much easier.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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Sack Trucks Make Life A lot Easier

A sack truck is a manual device (also referred to as trolley or hand truck) in the shape of an L that is used for moving bags, sacks or boxes. Sack trucks are equipped with handles on one end that is vertically upwards and is used to steer the truck from one place to another in an easy way. 

What is the proper way to use a sack truck?

Sack trucks are used for lifting heavy objects such as sacks, bags or boxes, and then the handles are tilted back so the entire weight is put on its handles. From here, it is easy to steer the vehicles using wheels. In some cases, tilting back the sack truck requires some force depending upon the load. Once the sack truck has reached its destination, you can tilt it forward so that it rests on the floor. This allows you to take off the entire load.

If you are working at a shop or some industrial unit where you may have to use a sack truck, you should be provided proper training on how to use it in a proper way. This is important because if it is used incorrectly, it can even cause injuries. 

Features of Sack Trucks

The design of sack truck depends upon the items that it will be used to transport, although there are many good general models.The tyre and wheel construction will vary depending upon the job and the terrain/ surface/obstacles that sack truck will have to work on. For instance, for all the surfaces that can challenge the integrity of tyres, the cellular foam filled wheels or polyurethane foam tyres are best as they can't be punctured.

On the normal surfaces, usual pneumatic types with bolted steel centers are adequate. Where stairs act as a  major obstacle during daily job, a stair skid or stair climber version is best.  Actually a stair skid versions of sack trucks actually behave like skis when sliding load instead of bumping it. The stair climber sack trucks use tri-wheel mechanism to climb up the stairs. However, operators would have to be specially trained for operating it up and down the stairs to avoid any injures during its operation.  

The frame of sack truck can have a bearing on its weight and strength and will ultimately determine how well suited it is for the job in hand and for the general needs of a business. For example, for moving bulky and heavy items, such as beer barrels, a 10mm thick double strength steel frame can be of real advantage. For lighter items, a 25mm hollow aluminum construction is best as it can move in and out of the truck in any easy way.    

Sack trucks are used for moving heavy loads in an easy way and are quite helpful for various types of businesses. However, being manual, they are not used for transporting materials over long distances, but only for shorter distances such as across a shop floor, across a building site, or within a storage room. This includes all merchandise and products such as clothing, office equipment and food.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Platform trucks are especially useful in carrying heavy items such as televisions washing machines as well as other electrical appliances


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We supply and deliver a wide range of high quality British manufactured office trolleys at the most competitive prices.

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