Wednesday, 18 January 2012

All of our trolleys are made in house using only the finest materials and are delivered direct from the factory.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Light Duty Trolleys

The use of Light Duty Trolleys has become an increasingly common practice in many large stores (just as they are used by shoppers in supermarkets) to assist the customers in transporting several items or even to help move one single heavy item. This can have very beneficial effects for the shoppers in the long term as (I am certain) every doctor will tell you that if someone is continually lifting and carrying heavy items such as substantial boxes and crates (even if they are lifting and holding them correctly), it can result in potentially long lasting and exceedingly harmful damage to the human body. These medical complaints can include lasting back pain and muscle problems. However, the use of trucks and trolleys both by the customers and employees of firms selling and transporting heavy items, can allow both groups to avoid the risk of succumbing to such ailments as they allow the users to transport heavy items from place to place with a far lower chance of injury and with relatively little effort compared to manually lifting and carrying these items.

There is a considerably large range of trolleys and trucks in a considerably large range of models and size on the open market and I am convinced that the purchasing of these platform trucks, loading and light duty trolleys would be a most worthwhile investment for almost every single firm or business whose workforce is needed to be able to life and transport heavy objects with utmost swiftness and ease. These businesses include those operating in the building industry (as workers may well be required to transport heavy items, machinery and construction materials around a building site) and other firms in which workers operate in stockrooms and warehouses (such as garden centres). As previously mentioned, there is a wide selection of styles of trucks and trolleys that can meet almost any possible purpose required of them. For example, in areas such as warehouses and stockrooms in which there may well be very little space for manoeuvre, the workforce may well benefit from the use of certain light duty trolleys which can be easily turned around within the space of its own length. Therefore, if these trolleys are relatively small in length, they can be easily moved within confined spaces.

Many of these trolleys and trucks are available in flat pack form which makes them easily transportable once purchased as well as meaning that they can be easily assembled once they have reached their destination.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We supply and deliver a wide range of high quality British manufactured office trolleys at the most competitive prices.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

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Sack Trucks Making Life Easier

In this writer’s opinion, the purchasing of trucks and trolleys (with different styles designed for different purposes including platform trucks, sack trucks, loading trolleys and light duty trolleys) could well be an extremely worthwhile investment for virtually every businesses or firms in which members of the workforce are required to transport and lift heavy items easily and swiftly. The businesses which may well benefit from the use of such trolleys and trucks are those in the building industries (as workers on a building site may well be required to transport heavy construction materials and machinery) and garden centres as well as any businesses in which employees have to work in a stock room or warehouse.

There is a large range of trolleys and trucks to such an extent that there is almost certainly a trolley to meet every need, ranging from the light duty trolleys to the more substantial platform trucks and sack trucks. For example, if a trolley is required for use in a stockroom or warehouse where there is very little space, the business owner may consider purchasing those trucks and trolleys that can be turned around within the space of their own length, demonstrating their value in moving heavy items in confined spaces. Another key advantage of these trolleys is that many styles of them can be delivered as flat pack kits. This means that they can be easily transported to the workplace once purchased and that they are also very easy to assemble upon arrival.

These trolleys are also believed to have long term benefits to the health of the users. Any doctor is bound to inform you that lifting and carrying heavy items (such as weighted boxes and crates) may well result in long lasting and potentially extremely damaging effects on the human body, particularly the muscles and the back which can suffer dreadfully in the long term as a result. However, through the use of these trucks and trolleys, the workers can avoid running the risk of these medical complaints as because they are not manually lifting and carrying the heavy items, they will not be subjecting their backs and muscles to the strains and pressure that they would have otherwise been doing. These trolleys are not only for the benefit of members of the workforce as they can also be provided by shops for the use of customers frequenting hardware shops or similar stores where several heavy items are transported from shelves to the checkouts and then from the till to the customers’ cars.